How to change friends profile pictures on facebook ?

How to change friend's profile pictures on Facebook ?


 Tricks to change friends profile pictures on facebook

STEP 1 : Login with your facebook account.


STEP 2 : Select the friend whose profile picture you
want to change.
STEP 3 : Select any photo from facebook , open it and in the URL of photo add

   " &makeprofile=1 "

STEP 4 : Now send this url to the selected
friend along with


at the end.
That's it.
Done when your friend click the link he will
be automatically redirected to
profile image cropping page , when your
crops the image his profile picture will be
automatically changed .
Make sure that your friend crops the image.

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The 10 qualities of perfect friend

qualities of friend


1. Deep connectivity

2. Sweet and soft voice

3. Power of speaking truth

4. Cute and stupid smile

 qualities of friend
5. Loving and caring

6. Confident

7. Attractive

8. Great and brave heart

9. Sharp and fast brain

10. Power of hearing lie about their

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