Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models

The Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models


Aesthetics are concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models.


 10. Marc Fitt 


Date of Birth: September 10, 1990
Marc Fitt Height: 5'10" – 1.78m 
Marc Fitt Weight: 176 lbs
Marc Fitt is a 23-year-old fitness model, sponsored athlete, personal trainer, entrepreneur, international social activist, and public speaker from Montreal, Canada. In the last three years, he has been able to become one of the top fitness models in the world by inspiring millions of people with his videos, pictures, quotes, and articles.

Marc Fitt Current Workout Routine 

Monday - Quards
Tuesday - Chest
Wednesday - Back
Thursday - Hamstring
Friday - Shoulder
Saturday - Biceps and Triceps
Sunday - Rest


Marc Fitt  On Social Media

Marc Fitt  FACEBOOK:
Marc Fitt  Twitter: 
Marc Fitt  Instagram
Marc Fitt  Youtube
Marc Fitt  Website -

 9. Helmut Strebl


Helmut Strebl is a Fit-Pro guru in fitness, training, and nutrition. He was 16 years old when he joined the local gym. Conditioning has been the key to his life in fitness training and competition.
  • World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Natural Bodybuilding
  • World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Fitness Model Class - Over the 40s
  • Miami Pro 2012 European Natural Bodybuilding Champion
 many more.

 Helmut Strebl Workout Routine

Monday - Back/Shoulders/Calves/Abs
Tuesday - Chest/Triceps
Wednesday - Biceps/Hamstring/Abs
Thursday -  Quads/Calves
Friday   - Glutes/Chest
Saturday  - Rest 

Helmut Strebl On Social Media

 Helmut Strebl Facebook -
 Helmut Strebl Instagram  -
 Helmut Strebl WEBSITE-


 8.Ryan Terry


 Age: 26
Ryan Terry Height: 5'10” - 178 cm 
Ryan Terry Weight: 187 lbs - 85 kg
One of the leading fitness figures in the UK,  currently IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro cardholder, Ryan Terry journey into the world of fitness has been like a fairy tale, but not one without hardships. 
won the Mr Great Britain pageant in 2010

Ryan Terry  On Social Media

Ryan Terry  FACEBOOK:
Ryan Terry  Twitter: 
Ryan Terry  Instagram       
Ryan Terry  Website - 

Ryan Terry Wikipedia

                                               Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models

 7.Steve Cook


Steve Cook  Height - 6ft 1in
Steve Cook Weight -204 lbs
Birthdate -Dec 10, 1984
Home-Boise, Idaho, United States of America

Steve Cook has been one of the most recognisable faces in the fitness industry over the last few years. He is best known for being an IFBB pro men’s physique competitor and also representing Optimum Nutrition and Apart from that, he is a Spokes Model, an international fitness model, and the founder of Swoldier.


 Steve Cook Workout Routine -

Monday -      Chest/Back/Abs
Tuesday -     Delts/Traps/Arms/Calves
Wednesday - Quads/Hamstring/Abs
Thursday -   HIIT Cardio
Friday     -     Chest/Back/Abs/Cardio
Saturday  -    Delts/Traps/Arms/Calves
Sunday -      Cardio


Steve Cook Supplement 

Optimum Nutrition's

Whey protein

Steve Cook On Social Media

Steve Cook FACEBOOK:
Steve Cook Twitter: 
Steve Cook Instagram
Steve Cook Youtube
Steve Cook Website -

6.JACO de Bruyn


Age: 28
Height: 6'1” - 184 cm
Weight : 88 kg

Jaco De Bruyn is a top South African fitness model who has taken the fitness world to a new height.
He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in a town called Kempton Park. He lived his whole life in a small town called Olifantsfonstein. Jaco is also an actor and a qualified personal trainer. He has won several high-profile competitions in South Africa and has appeared in national shows.

   Jaco De Bruyn Workout Routine -

Monday -      Chest/Calves
Tuesday -      Arms
Wednesday - Shoulders/Abs
Thursday -    Legs
Friday     -     Chest/Abs
Saturday  -    Back/Hamstrings
Sunday -       Rest


JACO de Bruyn On Social Media

JACO de Bruyn Twitter: 
JACO de Bruyn Instagram
JACO de Bruyn Youtube
JACO de Bruyn Website -


 5.Ulisses Jr


Name - Ulisses Williams Jr 
Age: 35
 Height: 5'10" - 178 cm 
Weight: 210 lbs - 95 kg

Ulisses William Jr. is a fitness model and personal trainer. For Ulisses Jr., fitness is a way of life, and thus he maintains his promotable and photogenic physique all year round. Ulisses Jr. takes his training very seriously and has years of experience as a celebrity personal trainer. Ulisses Jr. is also known as an international bodybuilding superstar.
He regularly appears in numerous European and US fitness magazines such as Flex Magazines, Men's Health, Musclemag, Muscle Men's Fitness. Ulisses Jr.'s goal in bodybuilding is to be the greatest natural bodybuilder in the world. Ulisses Jr. inspires thousands of people through leadership and example, helping them surpass their training goals in a natural, focused and healthy way.

Ulisses Jr Workout Routine 

Monday  - Legs
Tuesday - Back
Wednesday - Chest
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Arms
Saturday -
Sunday - Off Day

ULISSES Jr On Social Media

Ulisses Jr FACEBOOK:
Ulisses Jr Twitter: 
Ulisses Jr Instagram
Ulisses Jr Youtube
Ulisses Jr Website -

 4. Jeff Seid



Name: Jeffrey Seid
DOB: June 12th, 1994
Place of Birth: Renton, WA. United States
Residence: Seattle, WA. United States

Jeff Seid Body stats 


Jeff Seid Height: 6’0    183cm
Jeff Seid Weight: 205   93 kg
Chest  - 51
Neck - 17
Waist  - 30
Arms  - 18
Calves - 17
Shoulder - 52
Forearms - 15.5 "

Jeff Seid was born in Renton, Washington, in the United States. He began playing sports at the young age of 5. He soon realised that he was physically strong, so he started lifting weights at the age of 12. This is just the beginning of his journey. At the age of 18, Jeff Seid won the Jr. Nationals Competition, which made him the youngest IFBB Professional in history. 

Jeff Seid Competition History

2013 IFBB pro Wings of Strength Men's
Physique - 2nd Place

2012 NPC Vancouver and Tanji Johnson
Classic Men's physique - Overall Winner

2012 NPC Emerald Cup Men's Physique -2nd place

....many more

Jeff Seid Supplements

  • Glutamine
  • Fish Oil
  • Con-Cret
  • Xtend BCAA's
  • 100% Gold Whey Protein 
  • Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin
  • Pre Workout  

Jeff Seid On Social Media

Jeff Seid Twitter:   
Jeff Seid Instagram
Jeff Seid Youtube  
Jeff Seid Website -


                                                       Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models

 3. ZYZZ


Name: Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian (ZYZZ)
Height: 1.86 m
Born: March 24, 1989, Moscow, Russia
Died: August 5, 2011, Pattaya, Thailand
Nationality: Australian

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, better known as Zyzz, was an Australian bodybuilder, personal trainer, model, and part-time stripper.Zyzz suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 22 while he was on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand.

With his aesthetically pleasing body and appearance, he inspired thousands of people to choose the path to healthy living and not be afraid to be themselves.

ZYZZ Workout Routine

Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Legs/Calves
Wednesday - backs
Thursday - Shoulders/Triceps
Friday   - OFF
Saturday  - Full Body

Zyzz Supplement 

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 
Xtend pack BCAA's
Fish Oil Cap 
Animal pack Multivitamin
Vitamin C
Mesomorph  pre-workout energy
Inferno Fat Burners

Zyzz on Social Media

Zyzz Instagram 
Zyzz Reddit      
Zyzz Twitter     
Zyzz Website       Official Zyzz Fan-site Home of Legend


                                          Top 10 Most Amazing Male Fitness Models

 2.Lazar Angelov


Name: Lazar Angelov
Date of birth: September 22nd, 1984
Lazar Angelov Nationality: Sofia, Bulgaria

Lazar Angelov  Height:6”0 (180 cm)
Lazar Angelov  Weight 195 lbs (88 kg)

Lazar Angelov is a fitness model who has a phenomenal physique. Before becoming a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, Lazar Angelov played professional basketball for 10 years.
He dedicated his life to bodybuilding in 2006 and has been taking part in different competitions ever since.
He owns some of the best abs in the world. As a personal trainer, he has been able to transform the bodies of thousands of people and make their motivation and knowledge contagious.

Lazar Angelov Supplements

Whey Protein
Fish Oil

Lazar Angelov Training Routine 

Day 1 - Chest/Abs
Day 2 - Back/Traps/Forearms
Day3 - Shoulders/Abs
Day4 - Triceps/Biceps/Forearms
Days5 - Legs/Abs

Lazar Angelov On Social Media

Lazar Angelov FACEBOOK:
Lazar Angelov Twitter:    
Lazar Angelov Instagram
Lazar Angelov Youtube   
Lazar Angelov Website - 

1. Greg Plitt


  • Name:- Greg Plitt
  • Date of birth:-  November 3
  • Birthplace:- Maryland, United States
  • Greg Plitt  Height:- 6 ft 1 in  (1.85 m)
  • Greg Plitt  Weight:-  195 lb    (88 kg)

Greg Plitt is one of the best fitness models in the world. He is a former soldier and has one of the greatest physiques in the world.
Greg Plitt has appeared on the covers of more than 200 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels in the last four years. He is undisputedly America’s No. 1 male fitness model, appearing on the cover of at least one magazine every month for the last four and a half years.

Greg Plitt Motivation Quotes  

First off these fu*king trainers, half of them look like they need a fu*king trainer 

"You can't predict the future but you can get busy making one"
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...
                     It's about learning how to dance in the fu*king rain" 

The hardest things in life are done the least but provide the most

The only reps you don't grow from, are the reps you don't fu*king do

Every action has a purpose,
when every action has a purpose, every action has a result

I don't want just to watch the fu*king game, one day I want to play the fu*king game.

That's not normal, Yeah well I don't wanna be normal. Normality is what weak people call living, I call it death
"You don't burn out mentally, because you always burn out physically!"   

Opportunities Don't come knocking on the Door. They present themselves when you Knock The Door Down 

One Hour of pain produce a lifetime of pride

The only reps you don't grow from, are the reps you don't fu*king do   

  •    Greg Plitt on Social Media

  1. Greg Plitt  FACEBOOK:
  2. Greg Plitt  Twitter: 
  3. Greg Plitt  Instagram
  4. Greg Plitt  Youtube
  5. GregPlitt   Website -

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