Top 10 Notorious computer hackers of all time

Top 10 Notorious computer hackers of all time 

H - Hide IP
A - Aim Victim
C - Crack Encrypt
K - Kill Firewall
E - Enter into Database
R - Return Anonymous

10. Mark Abene


 Mark Abene was a member of hacking group know as the Legion of Doom and later a Masters of Deception . He and his Hacking group sought to understand how early mainframe systems operated and hacked into various telecommunication .
Now Mark Abene is a Infoses expert and Entrepreneur .

9. Michael Calce


 Michael Calce is known as MafiaBoy , one of the most popular notorious computer hacker . Michael Calce was only 15 years old when he shut down a popular website like CNN , DELL , Amazon , E*Trade , yahoo and eBay for several hours with the help of Denial-of -Service attacks . He was sentenced to eight months of open custody , a year of probation and a small fine, Michael Calce now works as a "white-hat hacker" to help companies with online security .

8. Robert Tappan Morris -


Robert Tappan Morris is an American Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur , best know for creating the first Morris Worm in 1988 the worm effect 6,000 Unix machines and causing million of dollars in damage . Morris was eventually caught , three years of probation and ordered to pay $10,000 fine .  

7. George Hotz -

George Francis Hotz the 24-year old New Jersey-born Hacker is best known for unlocked the first Sony's PlayStation 3 and Apple's iPhone , he was 17 years old when he hack iPhone [2005] . he also releases multiple jailbreaks including "purplera1n" for the  iPhone 3GS . He has also worked with Facebook , Google Hotz say he still hack because he's "bored"
Google has paid him $150,000 for finding the security vulnerability of Google Chrome browser.

6. Albert Gonzalez 


Albert Gonzalez is an American notorious computer hacker and computer criminal . Albert Gonzalez was the mastermind behind biggest ATM and Credit card theft in history . The crime is believed to be largest retail-store theft in U.S history . Albert Gonzalez and his group had allegedly sold more than 170 million cards and ATM numbers from 2005 to 2007  . When Albert Gonzalez was arrested , authorities seized $1.6 million in cash the biggest such fraud in history .

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5. Jonathan James


 Jonathan James is 16-year old American black hat hacker . He was the first Juvenile to be sent to prison for hacking . At the age of 15 [in 1999] he damaged NASA Systems and Department of Defense  , which caused them $41,000 to fix the system . Jonathan James steals software from NASA , which worth over $1.7 million . Other than that , he hacked into the Defense Thread REduction Agency .
On May 18, 2008 , at the age of 25 , James committed suicide using a gun .

4.Gary Mckinnon 


Gary Mckinnon  was born in 10 February 1996 is a Scottish System administrator and computer hacker . Gary McKinnon hacked US Department of Defense , Navy , Army ,  Air Force and NASA computer . According to U.S authorities , he deleted a number of critical files , rendering over 300 computer inoperable , U.S claim that McKinnon's hack job cost them 700,000 to fix . McKinnon also posted a notice on Military 's website - "your security is Crap"  . The reason why he tried to hack into US military and NASA computer is McKinnoon believe the U.S government was hiding alien technology that could solve the global energy crisis .

3. Adrian Lamo 


Nicknamed - the Homeless hacker Adrian Lamo was Born in February 20, 1981 is an American thread analyst and gray hat hacker .
Adrian Lamo is known for hacking the computer networks of Microsoft  , Yahoo , New York Times and MCI WorldCOM , where he inserted his contact info into their database of expert . Lamo Served 2 years probation and now Adrian Lamo is currently working as a tech Journalist .
Adrian Lamo - Wikipedia
Adrain Lamo -

2. Kevin Poulsen 


 Kevin Poulsen is a senior editor at tech-savvy Wired magazine , but back in 80s , he was a notorious computer hacker , he hack into the phone lines of a Radio station that allow him to be the 102nd caller(phone-Phreaking), which made him winning a brand new  Porsche 944, among other prize . Kevin Poulsen also tried to hack the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) database in 1991, but somehow he get arrested and went to prison for 5 years.
Kevin Poulsen - Wikipedia 

1. Kevin Mitnick


Kevin David Mitnick was born on August 6,1963 is an American computer security Consultant , hacker and Author . Kevin Mitnick was declared as the "Most Wanted computer Criminal in U.S History " Kevin Mitnick has damaged Communication Networks like Motorola , Nokia and  Sun Microsystem etc . He has also damaged DEC System (Digital Equipment Corporation ) networks to steal their networks . Kevin Mitnick was Jailed twice for his crimes , once in 1998 and then again from 1995 to 2000 . He is the Author of two Books The Art of Deception - Controlling the Human Element of Security and The Art of Intrusion -The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers .  Kevin Mitnick does not like being called as a hacker , he instead claims to be a Social Enginneer .
Kevin Mitnick  is one of the notorious computer hacker of all time
Kevin Mitnick - Wikipedia

Other Notorious computer hackers of all time

  • Richard Stallman
  • Vladimir Levi
  • David Smith

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