Top 10 Worst Countries to Live In

Top 10 Worst Countries to Live In  

 Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy

When we talk about a country with good health we always think about JAPAN with 74.5 years according to World Health Organization (WHO) the main reason is their Diet and Facilities
but when we talk about Worst Countries to Live In African countries come out in our mind. In Africa, many countries are struggling with disease, violent crime and civil unrest.
Here is the list of the worst country in the world


10. Swaziland - 33.9

Swaziland is a small country with a population of just 1.4 million people located in the southern part of Africa. Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS adult prevalence (25.9%) in the world. In 2009 about 180,000 were living with HIV/AIDS in Swaziland and more than 7000 deaths recorded within the same year. Other than HIV/AIDS there are many other problems like water, soil degradation, excessive hunting, overgrazing  and soil erosion that remains major environmental issues in Swaziland

9. Rwanda - 33.8


The Republic of Rwanda in the central part of Africa. Rwanda has a total population of about 11.4 million people. Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa, Due to overpopulation Rwanda are facing many problems Fertile lands for farming is very less this may raise tensions between the various ethnic groups they only depend on the land for surviving.
Rwanda has an HIV/AIDS adults prevalence rate of 2.9% and more than 170,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in 2009. Other Disease Hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow fever and bacterial diarrhea continue to threaten people in Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the worst Countries to Live In.



8. Burundi - 33.7

Burundi is a small country in Sub Saharan (east) Africa.  Burundi is one of the least developed countries in the world and it has the lowest per capita GDP of any nation in the world
About 84.5% of people are living in extreme poverty and hunger. Food, water and medicare etc. remain the major problem in Burundi
58% of Burundian children are suffering from malnutrition (lack of nutrients)
other problems are illiteracy rate, corruption and poor governance

7. Lesotho - 33.4


The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho population is approx 2,052,000 . Lesotho is the third highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world  1/4 people are infected with HIV/AIDS. The AIDS epidemic in Lesotho has had a devastating impact on the country
AIDS and poverty has caused the average life expectancy drop to 33.4 years
UN HDI 2012 ranking -158 out of 186 countries.

6. Afghanistan - 33.4


The Islāmic Republic is a landlocked country in Central Asia and South Asia with and population of around 30 million. Afghanistan is one of the worst countries in the world, with About 36% of the population living below the poverty line  Afghanistan's biggest problem is tribalism, inadequate land ownership, lack of infrastructure and Afghanistan terrorism. The U.S has authorized $557 billion to fund the war in Afghanistan.

5. Niger - 33.2

worst country in the world
Niger is a landlocked country in West Africa and a population is about 15.5 million people. Niger is the poorest country in the world with about 91 % of the country living below the poverty line. Only 60 per cent of the rural population in Niger has access to water. More than 80% of the land is covered by Sahara desert main problem for farmers
Niger faces Natural challenges such as drought, floods and desertification


4. Botswana - 32.9

Worst Countries to Live In
The Republic of Botswana is a small landlocked country in the southern part of Africa and a population is about 2 million people.70% of Botswana covered by the Kalahari Desert
Botswana has the second-highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is about 25% in the world with about 350,000, living with HIV/AIDS in Botswana. Botswana is the fourth worst country in the world.
Botswana is also facing some problem like drought, desertification, Living conditions, Shortage of Natural resources

3. Zambia - 30.9 

Worst-Countries to Live In

 The republic of Zambia located in the Southern part of Africa. Zambia has a total population of about 14 million. Zambia is the third Worst Countries to Live in. There are so many ethnic and racial groups living in Zambia ( Lunda, NsengaKaonde, Ngoni, Chewa, Tanga, Lala, Bemba, Lozi ) 64 % of the total population of Zambia lives below the poverty line Zambia has the largest population of refugees. There are problems faced by the youths in this country like lack of Education, poverty, HIV/AIDS and Corruption

 Zambia -Wikipedia


2. Malawi - 29.8

Worst-Countries to Live In

The Republic of Malawi is a beautiful landlocked country in the Southeastern part of Africa has a total population of about 16.5 million people. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, today 50% of the total population living below the poverty line. Malawi is one of the top HIV/AIDS countries about 920,000 people were living with HIV/AIDS. Just like other African countries poor governance and corruption continue to tear amazing Malawi.

Malawi - Wikipedia

1.Sierra Leone - 26.5 years old

Top 10 Worst Countries to Live In

The Republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. Sierra Leone population is 5.5 million with a growth rate of around 2.3%.  One of the poorest countries in the world ranked 177 out of 186 countries in the UN's Human Development Index. Sierra  Leone is popular because of the controversial industry of diamond mining. The West African nation was ravaged by a civil war between 1991 and 2002, which left 70,000 people dead . The country's entire infrastructure was damaged.
The average life expectancy for Sierra Leone is only 26.5, One of the lowest in the world.
Only 40%  of the population have access to safe drinking water.
Many diseases caused by dirty water like Diarrhea, hepatitis A, Typhoid fever and Cholera overall, health and standard of living are poor. Sierra Leone is the worst country in the world.

Sierra Leone - Wikipedia

NOTE- List is according to Top 10 Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy

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