Top 10 Worlds worst countries for women

World's 10 worst countries for

There are many countries in the world, where women are not getting their rights
woman are not allowed to do anything they want.
here are the lists of WORST COUNTRY FOR WOMEN 

chad people , chad women

1. Chad:

              Women in Chad, Africa, are
forced to marry at an early age of 11
or 12

2. Afghanistan:

                   A country with the highest
maternal mortality rate, one woman
dies in childbirth every half an

3. Democratic Republic of Congo:

                      Women in the Congo face especially
harsh realities; around 1,100 are raped
every day.

4. Sudan:

            Abduction, rape or forced
displacement has destroyed more
than one million women’s lives since
the year 2003.

5. Guatemala:  

                    The impoverished
a female underclass of Guatemala in
Latin America faces domestic
violence, rape and the second-highest
rate of HIV/AIDS after Sub-Saharan

mali people , worst country

6. Mali:           

               One of the poorest countries
of the world, there are no laws
against female genital mutilation in this
African country.
Forced early marriages have caused
deaths due to pregnancy.

7. Somalia:

                  These factors have made
living in what was already one of the
most dangerous areas on the planet
even harsher for women.

Now another  worst countries for women

8. India: 

             One woman dies every hour in
India because of dowry-related
crimes, indicating that the country's
the economic boom has made demands for
dowries even more persistent.
The National Crime Records Bureau
says 8,233 women were killed across
India last year because of disputes
over dowry payments given by the
bride's family to the groom or his
family at the time of marriage.
NCRB records reveal that a crime
against women is committed every
three minutes, women are raped every
29 minutes.
50 million girls were killed in the past
century in the practice of female
infanticide or foeticide; around 100
million women and girls are estimated
to be a victim of human trafficking; 44.5
per cent of girls are married before
the age of 18

more about INDIA

9. Pakistan:

              An estimated 5,000
women are killed per year due to
domestic violence. Selling women,
acid attacks, honour killings are
common in this Islamic country.

The last worst countries for women is

10. Iraq:

          The US-led invasion to
“liberate” Iraq from tyrant Saddam
Hussain has led to women caught in
the inferno of sectarian violence.
The female literacy rate, once the
highest in the Arab world is now
among the lowest

so here are the lists of worst countries for women 
everyone has an equal right
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