Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

      Top 10 Richest Countries in the World    
Richest Countries in the World

1    Qatar

     Capital -Doha
     GDP (Per Capita $)- 100,889

2    Luxembourg         

   Capital - Luxembourg City
    GDP (Per Capita $)- 77,958

3    Singapore        

     Capital - Singapore
     Currency- Singapore Dollar
     GDP (Per Capita $)-60,799

4    Norway     

    Capital -Oslo
    Currency-Norwegian Krone    
    GDP (Per Capita $)-54,397

5    Brunei Darussalam          

    Capital -Bandar Seri Begawan
    Currency -Brunei Dollar 
    GDP (Per Capita $)-54,114

6    United States    .       

    Capital -Washington D.C
    Currency-US Dollar
    GDP (Per Capita $)-51,704

7    Switzerland   

    Capital -Bern
    Currency-Swiss Franc
    GDP (Per Capita $)- 44,864

8    San Marino      

    Capital -City of San Marino
    GDP (Per Capita $)- 42,724

9    Canada    

     Capital - Ottawa
     Currency- Canadian Dollar
     GDP (Per Capita $)- 42,317

10    Australia          

     Capital -Canberra
     Currency-Australian Dollar 
    GDP (Per Capita $)- 41,954

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